The CMI Online Judge needs you

I’m willing to pay a small amount (very miserly, but I hope there are some CMI undergrads who are in enough poverty to take me up on this offer) to get some work done on the CMI/IARCS Online Judge.

  • 50 USD for a new professional looking CSS and layout. This is important for me, since I’m on the job hunt, and I link to on my resumes, I want it to look good again. No partial credit. The layout will also have to explain considerations as to what is placed where. (For example, currently “Logout” comes on the top menu, which is completely unintuitive.) 100% XHTML Strict. Javascript/AJAX can be allowed.
  • 90 USD for a specification and implementation of a tar-ball structure that almost completely defines a problem’s data. By this I mean, I should be able to create a tar-ball with all the input and output files, the problem statement, constraints etc, and just have to upload it to the judge, and the judge should be able to figure out all the parameters to the problem automatically. I have made few attempts toward this, but every time I miss something or the other, which makes it completely useless. 10 USD for a complete written specification, 60 USD for implementation via command line. 20 USD for implementing via web-uploads, with some sort of permission mechanism to allow owners to upload the problem, and edit it if required.

Alright, I know I’m being cheap, but I really can’t afford to pay you a lot more. As a consolation, you could use this as “open source development” experience on your resume.

5$ for a name for the CMI OPC Judge. (It is referred to by several names even within the code. I am planning on putting it up on Sourceforge or something, but I don’t have a name for it.)

Mail me if you’re interested.


One Response to The CMI Online Judge needs you

  1. Too bad nobody replied. I’ll take this up after I learn all those technicalities involved :-P

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