Inglourious Basterds

I usually don’t post movie reviews, but since I already made the mistake of posting about it before, I thought I should make my stance clear about Inglourious Basterds.

Absolutely sucks.

As a Tarantino fan:

  • Dialogs weren’t quite upto Tarantino standard.
  • The few decent dialogs were in subtitles. At some points, they show the camera zooming in on objects, while a dialog is in subtitle, exactly where does the viewer look?
  • The plot was absolutely unconvincing. I kept hoping that we’re going to find an awesome Tarantino style ending (a la Four Rooms, Reservoir Dogs, Death Proof), to make up for the boring story, but that didn’t happen. Sorry for the “spoiler”.
  • Some reviews talked about good background score. There are some Tarantino style selection of music here and there, but they are pretty much there just because it’s Tarantino, and doesn’t really help the movie.
  • There wasn’t enough character development, I could hardly remember the faces of the Basterds. (plus, subtitles: I was looking at the subtitles when the introductions were done.)
  • Wtf is wrong with the title spelling. “An artistic flourish,” explains Tarantino. That would’ve been an acceptable explanation if the movie was good enough.

Oh, btw, I finally did go alone. And sat in an almost empty theater. Sigh.


3 Responses to Inglourious Basterds

  1. ochod says:

    hmm, well, i found it pretty good, granted that dialogues aint pulp fiction level, music and action aint kill bill level, but well, it was a good movie nonetheless, it was like kaminey in the sense that, though it doesnt deliver what it promises, its a good watch!!

  2. dpgodct.od says:

    kaminey and inglorious basterds are on two entirely different levels! I never thought I would say this about a Hindi movie and a Tarantino movie.

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