The one about the Basterds

No, I haven’t seen it, and this is not a review.

It releases today, and there’s this part of me that does not want to see it.

Over the last one year, I have seen most of the movies that I have been interested in watching, and so now when I watch something, it’s mostly out of boredom than actual interest.

A Tarantino is different.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m trying to avoid watching it. I know that this is the only movie I’ve ever really looked forward to.

When you buy a bottle of fine Champagne, you just don’t use it the night you buy it. You treasure it, maybe let it age, and then when the timing is right, when you’re with the right people, with the right atmosphere, and the right everything, that’s when you open it.

I will not drink Champagne alone.

One Response to The one about the Basterds

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