The one with the Random Rants

Papers have been piling up. Papers that were very enthusiastically printed out many weeks ago. Fresh, un-crumpled. The title page of some of them have been doodled over, and that’s about all the research I’ve been doing.

Jorge Cham‘s Power of Procrastination talk at Penn is still fucking with my head. He made a very strong case for procrastination.

The cost to get a simple wrist sprain checked, comes to $1222 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. It’s surprising that my insurance covered the entire amount.

I’m now a Netflix fanboy. I’m a walking and talking Netflix advertisement. I’ve got them at least one other customer, and rave about how awesome it is to every other person I meet.

I’m getting pretty fed up of people asking me about which laptop to buy. My loyalty is with the Lenovo ThinkPads. And I end up having an almost identical conversation with each of these guys, describing each of the ThinkPad’s capabilies (and yes, I do get very passionate when detailing the X series), and get most of them to decide on a Lenovo.

By the way, solid-state-drive prices have fallen to around $300. My laptop’s 64GB SSD doesn’t seem so luxurious anymore.

Every six months, when the Ubuntu release cycle reaches Alpha 4 or Alpha 5, I do an upgrade-manager -d. And every single time, I end up telling myself Never Again.

git is awesome!

I’ve given up on trying to be a good conversationalist. I still don’t know how to ask people their names. I still don’t know how to introduce myself. I still avoid talking to people. But the food is good. Social gatherings are a dilemma.

Having a password of 9u35t for your guest account, is not a good idea. Especially if your laptop has a public IP on the internet.

8 Responses to The one with the Random Rants

  1. Preyas says:

    oh how we missed your rants

  2. Shreevatsa says:

    Having a guest account is not a good idea.

    “erWhatsyurname hi whatsuname”

    You pay for movies?

    What’s the case for procrastination?

    It could be worse than “weeks”.

    • Arnie says:

      Needed once in a while for scp-ing stuff. :-)

      Lol, sure. Still I find it hard.

      Yep. Monthly basis though. Not per-movie. DVD quality (with synced subtitles!) and perfectly legal.

      The case for procrastination? You should attend one of Jorge Cham’s talks, he’ll totally convince you!

      Sigh, I have a feeling it’s going to end up being worse than weeks.

  3. anshul says:

    Yep… git is awesome… It’s like being able to fly after walking with a stick all your life…

    • Arnie says:

      also, even simply using git-svn with svn repos is so awesome. Check out “gitk” to review the logs, and history. You can also search commits for when a term was added/deleted, I’ve found it so useful for debugging code. (such a feature is not even theoretically possible with SVN, since the history is stored only on the server.)

      I wonder how long it’ll take for all OSS projects to shift to git.

    • anshul says:

      I use “tig” for the same… It’s ncurses and awesome… Do check it out…

      And for svn, there’s rapidsvn, gsvn, jsvn, tortoisesvn, etc… which do similar stuff by downloading/ caching this data on demand… which is a bit slow but well it does do the job… It’s not like you are reviewing complete project history 10 times a day…

      I dunno… I still like svn… It has it’s places and uses… like when you just must store a truly empty directory in your repo… :P

  4. pratish says:

    Hey what happened to “the thing” that you had mentioned to me a few weeks back? You should have mentioned it in your random rants! [:)]

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