The one at NC

It’s been exactly two weeks since I’ve blogged: and as you would guess, that means I’ve actually been doing interesting stuff. :)

Anyway, I spent the last three days at Raleigh in North Carolina. Yaay for Sai and Laksh for tolerating me :-) Yaay for the Google Doc spreadsheet that never got used (a schedule for me!). And Yaay for Swarnava joining us, and tolerating Lakshmi :-)

While Raleigh/Cary isn’t the most happening place on the planet, I’ve had the best time since I’ve come to the US. There are so many of the items in my TODO list that finally got done, and got done with awesome people.

  • Went to a church! My Mom always bugs me about going to Church, next time I can cut short her regular lecture by telling her that I have gone atleast once. I’ll tell her to send a Thank You present to Lakshmi.
  • Ice Skating! My legs and butt are still sore: but hey, after the fact, it feels awesome. But while you’re doing it, it sucks. You have 5 year old kids asking you if you’re alright when you fall down, and telling you how you should be doing stuff. I hate kids.
  • My first movie in the US! I am friggin serious. Actually we saw two movies: Yes Man (there wasn’t anything else at that time, we swear!) and Benjamin Button.
  • Had dosa!

Sure I could’ve done these in Philly, but wouldn’t have been as fun. And anyway, and most importantly:

  • Met Laksh!

US Airways did manage to screw up my good mood on my return trip. My flight was overbooked, so they asked me if I would like to volunteer to take the next flight (if they can’t seat me in this one), and they would give me a free return ticket to anywhere in the US! Of course I said yes. And started dreaming of a holiday at Vegas.

But they did manage to get one vacant seat in the end, and I was the unlucky bum to get it (the lucky bums were a couple, actually that’s why they couldn’t split them up and had to send me. Sure, go enjoy your holiday at Vegas. I’ll just fly back to Philly on time.)


One Response to The one at NC

  1. ochod says:

    … your to do list isnt very ambitious, to say the least :)

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