The one with the Holiday Planning

Ladies and Gentlemen! As the semester closes, I realize that my <90 subscriptions aren’t going to be enough to keep me warm during the winter. So, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blogosphere: I humbly request you to post, and update your blogs.

I will be taking this opportunity to clean up my Blogroll that you see to your right (I’ll still subscribe!). I cannot keep giving you that undeserved privilege of being in the Arnie Almighty Blogroll if you do not post. I will remove you from my Blogroll if you fail to entertain me before the New Year. Please, I’m begging you.

And if you don’t own a blog, create one. Now. Do it. And send me the link.

Now I know there are avid blog readers out there, who have a good collection of blogs in their reading list. When I go through my subscriptions, I can’t find a blog that I can compare to a comic (comic-blog!) like xkcd. I love personal blogs, and as I have remarked in the past: personal blogs are like movies that advertise “Based on a true story.” But can I, point out a blog that can be a close comparison to webcomics like xkcd? Ok, maybe xkcd is a class apart—but atleast Sinfest, or pfsc, or any other comic I follow.

Does one really need to know how to draw to be able to make intelligent, thought-provoking humor?

Or is it just that I’m just missing out on the right blogs because a blog doesn’t get as much publicity as a comic?

And so now, to keep myself warm in the winter, I’m trying to find these blogs that I haven’t found yet: please recommend me blogs to follow, down in the comments. Or mail me privately if required. Preferably, also pointers to few of the blog’s best posts.

For blogs of people I don’t know (2-hop and 3-hop friend neighborhood), I do have the following criteria:

  • Not a political discussion blog, with prejudiced debates.
  • Not a tech blog. I’m a techie already, I don’t need to subscribe to a tech blog. Yes, you’re doing a great job with the content, it’s just that I can find you over google when I need you.
  • Not a blog dedicated to movie and book and any other reviews. I don’t mind reading reviews, but usually I can only accept reviews from people I know (since I know how they think, so the review is more valuable to me). I can accept a blog which does reviews once in a while, if other content makes up for it.
  • Not another Theory blog please. I’ve seen most of them, and I’m not interested in reading about P and NP and … Oh, except Scott Aaronson’s which I can recommend even to those who haven’t heard of him before. ;-)

Another point: in my random walks on the Blogosphere, I’ve seen some excellently well-written blogs: but I couldn’t associate myself with the content — I guess you know what I mean. I often get into this dilemma of whether or not I should be subscribing to such a blog, just because they can write well.

I love it when a blogger—but most often I see comic authors do it, and Seinfeld did it brilliantly—can bring out those subtle, and seemingly insignificant thoughts in my (your’s, everybody’s) mind with brilliant precision. With Humor. And somehow allows me to understand myself better. The “Get out of my head Randall” moments aren’t just freakish coincidences—Randall doesn’t “accidently” end up thinking like me. People like Randall and Seinfeld, IMO, are among the most brilliant of philosophers. For one thing: they understand themselves. They understand people. And they make effective use of their medium (comics, stand-up comedy) to convey their thoughts.

And so, where are the Randalls and Seinfelds of the Blogosphere? Where is that one flawless blog that I’ve been looking for? I’m pretty sure it’s there, just that I don’t know enough of the internet to find it.


8 Responses to The one with the Holiday Planning

  1. Shreevatsa says:

    Not a tech blog. I’m a techie already, I don’t need to subscribe to a tech blog. Yes, you’re doing a great job with the content, it’s just that I can find you over google when I need you.
    I am intrigued by this idea (and I already subscribe to your newsletter).

    What does you mean, exactly? :p

  2. lakshmiashok says:

    ok… u pompous megalomaniac:)

    i l ban u from my blog… comeon… appreciate something! arn… after all u cant deny the fact some “personal” blogs are entertaining…(like mine)

    also i was gonna have some eco debate on my next blog post…so watch out for that space :P :P

  3. Arnie says:

    @shreevatsa: basically, I come across the tech blogs when I need to get some techie thing done… but then google helps me find those right blogs (“how to do this-and-that on linux”). But there wouldn’t be any point in my subscribing to those blogs simply because most of the content wouldn’t be useful. The “you” are *those* authors, don’t worry, I’m not pointing fingers here. :-)

    @laksh: lol, yeah… I did say I *love* personal blogs somewhere in the fourth paragraph. That wasn’t sarcasm or anything. I am not simply doing you a favor by reading your blog :-) But it’s just that it can’t be compared to an xkcd comic.

    wait, it’s being a whole day Indian time, and doesn’t anybody have a good blog to lend me yet?

  4. Arnie says:

    @shreevatsa: if it makes you feel better, the *you* couldn’t have been close to *you*. The Lumber Room has always been awesome. :)

  5. Arnie says:

    and I think I’m asking the wrong question, instead: what do you guys use for link sharing? (digg/delicious/technocrati/google reader kind of stuff)

  6. Shreevatsa says:

    LOL no, I didn’t mean me :P
    I wasn’t thinking of “how to do X on Linux” blogs as tech blogs — I was thinking of the fact that (good) “tech blogs” are not like that :-)

  7. Arnie says:

    @shreevatsa: Yes! I can see what I’ve been missing all my life! Thank You! Keep them coming!

  8. pratish says:

    A really well-thought and well written post. Specially the second last paragraph. Arnie, you rock maan!

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