The one with the BS

I hate closed book exams.

The problem with a closed book exam, is that you end up staring at terminology you’ve never heard before. And then you make guesses by literally interpreting the term. And then you start bullshitting with the hope that some of it—and sympathy on the part of the evaluator—might fetch you marks.

And while this is a pretty decent strategy for getting grades (although, none of my guesses today turned out to be correct), this doesn’t exactly leave a very nice impression about you.

And, you should care about the evaluator’s impression of you.

Especially, if the TA—the potential evaluator—is cute.

And yes, I spent half the exam time thinking of this post, and spent the other half trying to imagine how a B+ tree could or should work.


4 Responses to The one with the BS

  1. pratish says:

    “I’d prefer a student who knows when he’s wrong, and can admit it.”
    In a way this is correct, but you may also look at it this way – the student took so much effort to write something that may sound logical. So, although he knows nothing of what he’s writing, at least the first impression will make you feel he’s making sense. So, the guy might be a real cool chap! [;)]

  2. Arnie says:

    @pratish: btw, your comment is now out of context. I pulled this post out in between, and edited stuff. :-)

  3. anshul says:

    I have a vision. I have a dream. I dream of a world in which all students get read only access to wikipedia for all their exams. Amen!

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