The one with One More

It’s all over the blogosphere, it’s all over twitter, it’s all over the status messages. One more?

Some “frustrated” student on the Indian students’ mailing list at Penn proposes that all wear black on Monday to “spread the message of how severely we condemn …,” and then also proposes to light candles on Sunday night, and …

I wonder if anybody would reply a “No” to this.

Anyway, you know what? This whole nasty business is just a plan to destroy our happiness, to keep us worried, so that we remain unproductive. So, you know what? I propose we don’t allow them to do that to us. I propose we all just watch our daily dose of Seinfeld, and read our daily dose of webcomics, and blogs, and YouTube, … just so that we prove to them terrorists, that they haven’t won.

Take that, suckers! I’m guilt-free!


9 Responses to The one with One More

  1. haru says:

    lol yea.. i’ve recived atleast a dozen pms to join some or other orkut/fb group to boycott the same :) told ’em i had made peace with terrorism :) weird thing is how people panic when a terrorist attack happens when chances of dying due to a driving accident are much higher

  2. arnstein says:

    @haru: you insensitive jerk! People are dying there and you’re cracking jokes! Shame on you! ;-)

  3. me2 says:

    You confuse bitching with apathy. The majority usually rests in peace in blissful ignorance/apathy. Perversions, injustice flourish because of apathy.

    You confuse being miserable with being concerned. While imbeciles might indulge only in the former as a reaction to the shock, any moderately intelligent person has the option (if not responsibility) of taking constructive measures towards the desirable change.

    Clearly you have been wasting time reading frustrated opinions with constructive advice amounting to no more than “kill-those-f**kers”.

    And no, your post is not “cutely” funny.

  4. arnstein says:

    Sigh, now who writes like that. Oh wait, IP address …. ah! WordPress *does* mail IP addresses of commenters btw.

    My apologies for sounding insensitive, however I don’t understand your statements like I confuse “bitching with apathy”, and “being miserable with being concerned”.

    Name a “constructive measure I could take towards the desirable change”. I understand the tension, my family lives in Mumbai too. There was a bomb scare in a building my Mom was in on Thursday morning. However, symbolism doesn’t help anybody, and that was my main point. I’m sure I can write this identical post if I lost loved ones. And if you notice, everybody did go on with life. Most moderately intelligent people went on with blogging, having amusing status messages, .. I just wrote down what was unsaid.

    Nah, don’t take it as “cutely” funny. As I always maintain, my blog is for myself, and not for you. I really don’t mind losing a reader. :-)

  5. arnstein says:

    And if you want my more serious opinions on the issues, do visit Pratish’s blog (“Randomizations” on my blogroll), where I left “kill-those-fuckers” kind of constructive advice.

  6. me2 says:

    “WordPress *does* mail IP addresses of commenters btw.” Homer-Style “Duh!”, thanks for the pointer. :)

    “Name a “constructive measure I could take towards the desirable change”.”. Good question. While I certainly seem to fairly easily understand the co- problem of recognizing what are not constructive measures (“kill’em!”, elevate powers of the government, vague suggestions such as beef-up-security, reconstruct hierarchy etc.), I haven’t yet thought of a concrete constructive measure beyond the romantic vague ones.

    I am sure that just a bit of thought and intelligent discussion should present lots of useful suggestions, and put one in a league way ahead of apathetic fatalists. But as we all know, coming up with the solution is one thing, and implementing it is another especially in India :( But isn’t providing viable solutions the only thing most people can do?

    No, you are wrong. You maintain your blog to elicit opinion, to cause a ripple, to effect change. Of course you can post whatever you want, but allowing visitors to comment seems to suggest that you don’t mind being scrutinized either!

  7. not you says:

    “allowing visitors to comment seems to suggest that you don’t mind being scrutinized either”

    Haha, yes, he is just asking to be heckled, isn’t he? Hah! How dare he think he could blog and get away with it!

  8. Shreevatsa says:

    However, symbolism doesn’t help anybody
    True, but often the point of symbolism is not to help directly. To take environmentalism as an example, one normal person’s actions have almost zero effect, but by building a movement around it, some good things have been done. Other times the point of symbolism is just to get people “involved”, or demonstrate (to whoever) that people care. [The latter idea really sucks when it’s not large-scale take-to-the-streets protests, such as when it’s something like this or online petitions, but… people are stupid.]

    And it is not true that there is nothing that we can do. Simple coordinated efforts by amateurs can have far-reaching effects — think of the encyclopaedia and software you use — on governance and policy too. [Think of recent US news.] Of course the risk from terrorism is still tiny compared to bigger risks, but that doesn’t mean we have to start finding it acceptable and be apathetic.

    [For example, here is a concrete “measure you can take towards a desirable change”: reply to that mailing list and say “this idea sucks; let’s think of something less completely pointless instead.” At the very least, you’ll get to do some ranting, spread confusion, and won’t have to care about wearing black, which seems like a desirable change.]

  9. haru says:

    yes, i kid :) sue me

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