The one with the Thanks

Thank You for making me sorta-ok at Math; so that I may neither be there, nor here, and remain mediocre.

Thank You for getting me into grad school; so that I may suffer and struggle for another five years.

Thank You for women, Thank You for sex; so that I have something to think about while I jerk off.

Thank You for Porn.

Thank You for Love, Thank You for Her; thank you for more unattainable goals in life.

Thank You for alcohol; so that I may forget what You’re doing to me for a while.

Thank You for Life in general; so that crappy things may happen to me and eventually I may die a painful death.

Thank You for Thanksgiving Day; so that I may spend time alone with myself on the Internet.

Happy Thanksgiving.


3 Responses to The one with the Thanks

  1. anshul says:

    lol! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. lakshmiashok says:

    lol…arn… thank god for me having you in my life.

  3. Arnie says:

    @laksh: And Thank *you* for you :)

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