The one without the Philosophy

I had felt like writing a philosophical post today — a collection of a lot of random thoughts that I had thought fitted perfectly — and the urge was too strong by the time Database class had started. I chose a seat at the last row, away from the crowd, took out my Lenovo X200 and started typing furiously.

The last row is usually reserved for those few people who don’t care about the class, and would just like to check email instead. And so I was pretty surprised, and upset, when people sat beside me. And they were the people who don’t usually sit on the last row, and there were enough seats in front… why today? why me?

Anyway, I dimmed my screen to lowest, cursed Lenovo for high viewing-angle screens, and continued typing.

I lost the mood.

(On second thought, this post makes me seem like an intellectual while avoiding the flame wars. Win-win.)


One Response to The one without the Philosophy

  1. Shreevatsa says:

    The Macbook’s dimmest screen level is something that requires careful examination to distinguish from “off”. I use it quite regularly :-)

    And avoiding flame wars is not actually a win; as Scott Aaronson says, “If you’ve never regretted a blog post, your blog is too boring.” :)

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