The one with Comic Updates

My latest addiction has been the Sinfest comic by Tatsuya Ishida. I spent a good part of last week reading it. By the way, do not click the link if you have an assignment to submit in the next week, since this comic has been around since 2000, and now has almost 3000 comics in the archives. And yes, I have read all of them.

Does anybody know of an OCR kind of tool to search through comics? Like xkcd‘s search feature? Sinfest has some amazingly quotable comics, but with 3000 comics, it’ll be hard to find them later. [EDIT: does have a search feature! I found this only now. All’s well in the world.] I have kept a file of some of the better ones, maybe I should sample them for you. Sinfest is one them comics that’ll appeal to single desperate folk, although it manages to get philosophical time and again.

I started my own comic sometime back! That was the top-secret, life-changing project that I was talking about. I got myself a scanner and printer, but I’m not happy with what I managed to do with them. I’m still waiting for a Wacom Bamboo tablet that I ordered on Amazon. Sigh, I am getting so tempted to post the link here, yet I know that if I post it, it’ll be the end of my comic.


4 Responses to The one with Comic Updates

  1. Preyas says:

    “yet I know that if I post it, it’ll be the end of my comic. ”

    I kind of lost you there.

  2. pratish says:

    That explains why you have been away from the blogging scene for such a long time, considering the frequency with which you write posts..[;)]

  3. arnstein says:

    @preyas: advertising a blog brings in skeptical and nitpicking readers. Not good. Plus I need to maintain the hype for a while.
    @pratish: When I feel like writing a blogpost, I sometimes get the guilty feeling that I should instead be trying to make that into a comic, and so end up doing neither of the two. Oh well.

  4. anshul says: is awesome and how i first found out about sinfest!

    So, what are you gonna call your comics?

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