The one with the Emergency

Lights flashing. An alarm screeching in the corridors. “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! An emergency has been detected in this building. Please go down the fire exit. Do not use elevators…”

And while you casually walk down 21 floors cracking jokes on how this is a drill, and how these bastards are just wasting your precious time which you’d rather use for doing productive research in your rooms…

…you secretly wish that you find smoke seeping in from under the fire doors at one of the floors, and that you need to start running down the stairs…

Sigh… it turned out, like always, to be a false alarm. Thankfully not a drill. Why was I hoping that one of those firemen inform us that Bin Laden was caught and murdered before he could destroy the building…

I need more excitement in my life.


One Response to The one with the Emergency

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