The one with the debates

You’re never too far away from somebody who loves arguing just for the heck of it.

You’re used to it all your life, now you’ve learnt to adapt. Just shut up, and keep nodding your head — and if he wants to argue for longer, just say “Let’s agree to disagree.” Unfortunately, “Hitler” doesn’t work in the real world.

I’ve given up friendly debating since nobody ends up agreeing with me. (Of course, I’m the one who is right, and you’re the one who is wrong. But ok, let’s agree to disagree.)

If you do argue, you should look out for the signals that demand the “Let’s agree to disagree.”

Signal 1. Your opponent spits out numbers. Ahem, well.. he seems confident of himself, you really can’t contradict him when he says that 8,456,234,161 people out of the 7 billion in the world are dieing of poverty. Rarely, if he continues to argue beyond the “Let’s agree to disagree” boundary, I fire up google and prove his numbers wrong (See? It’s 8,456,234,162). I don’t care if he’s wrong, I just want the argument to end. Hitler doesn’t have his facts right.

Signal 2. Your opponent makes arbitrary statements which does not really help anybody. Or your opponent makes statements that actually support you, in a tone that says he’s helping himself. Hitler is brain-damaged.

Signal 3. A passionate tone in your opponents voice. You can never convince a Nazi.

Signal 4. You realize your voice levels are above normal. Shutdown your mind for a few minutes, convince yourself that you don’t care. What difference do a few Jews make to the rest of the world.

Signal 5. You realize you really don’t care.

3 Responses to The one with the debates

  1. K says:

    don’t really care will also do. :)

  2. pratish says:

    “Bloody Hitler”..Really funny!! Are you angry at someone?

  3. arnstein says:

    umm.. no .. not angry at anybody.. this is not an angry rant.

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