The one with …, oh fuck the title.

I’m at a high in desperation, and a low in confidence, and a high in loneliness right now.

Obel writes in a I-am-no-longer-single tone. Tells me to go out and meet new chicks.

Ochod introduces me to Mekka Blue.

Next door bathroom-mate has a girl in his room till late at midnight, for the last few days.. they keep chatting. I wonder what else they do that I don’t know of. (I met her today, and realized that as a friend’s friend, and a friend to somebody else, she can be very important to me.)

Going to Penn Landing with Anand, seeing couples hugging and playing around and realizing I am at one of the more romantic places in Philly, but with a guy. Sorry Anand, it’s not you, it’s me: Now you might understand why I was so quietly contemplative.

Going to a Afghanistani restaurant called Kabul after that, and realizing that I’m eating with a guy while that pretty girl at that next table is eating alone. (The food was definitely excellent though.)

The waiter asks you if you want extra plates for sharing your dishes, and you suddenly blurt out, NO. Loud enough for the pretty girl to hear.

But there’s still hope to every desperation: Sick Comic, a.k.a John and John.

Also, @P&J: I am definitely in for the strip club idea.


2 Responses to The one with …, oh fuck the title.

  1. ochod says:

    i hear you. you are not alone. strip club? i am in too! meanwhile darthpskozfatass sounds confident of getting laid by the end of this month. tonight, i shall drink to our kind.

  2. ochod says:

    in ke^pt my promise :(

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