The one about Laksh

Heh. Heh.

She asked me (although, humorously) for a post about her. She’s got it. ;)

EDIT: This post was initially password protected, with the usual password. However, I had to choose between keeping it password protected, and doing my assignments — because curiosity kills the woman. I have a feeling that, for all her efforts, she was disappointed at the content. ;-)


3 Responses to The one about Laksh

  1. arnstein says:

    I had fun. I actually got to ask her whether she would be my “It’s complicated” on facebook. She said she would if I gave her the password :)

  2. Arpith says:

    No! The password stays protected.
    I’m afraid you must die.

  3. Lakshmi says:

    damn it!!!! realllllly!!!

    i wont ever be ur its complicated!! NEVER EEVRRRR

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