The Morning After

(This is definitely a rant, but I do not hold any grudges against the Ubuntu devels.)

Owning the latest and greatest laptop can be a great feeling, except if the morning after you’ve installed and used Ubuntu 8.10 alpha 6, you get a mail on ubuntu-devel-announce about a “potentially hardware-damaging e1000e driver issue on Intrepid

These latest hardware is exactly the reason why I am on Intrepid and not on Hardy. There’s the wireless card, the GigE ethernet card.. and probably other fancy stuff that will not work on Hardy.

Since I got the mail, I have blacklisted the e1000e module. I have absolutely no clue whether my ethernet card still works. (I don’t have Vista anymore. Nor can I attempt a live boot-up using an older version of Ubuntu to test it, because it just will not be supported.)

I have used my ethernet a lot on day 1, in fact my entire install was done over the internet using the ethernet. If indeed it is damaged, I wonder whether this can be classified as “accidental damage” for availing ThinkPad Protection.


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