The one about the new one.

In kindergarten, my ambition was to become an engineer.. you know, that guy who drives engines .. the trains.

Somewhere in middle school, my ambition was to work in Microsoft, and eventually take control of the entire company. (Seriously.)

By the end of high school, I wanted to become a Mathematician and prove the Goldbach’s conjecture, it seemed simple enough.

Then three years of ambition-less life at CMI.

I am now a grad student. A PhD student. And all I really care about is flaunting my Lenovo X200 among the economically backward masters students.

(Alright you got me. This post is just about my X200. My old HP nx6110 has been decommissioned. I had thought I’ll do it real ceremoniously, and so I setup Cheese on my X200 to take a video of the “sudo halt”. However, It Just Didn’t Work (It=Cheese. The “sudo halt” worked beautifully). So that was an event-less end to my two and a half year old laptop.

hmm … why don’t I feel nostalgic here? …

The Lenovo X200 is great. I’d like to go into the details of why it is so great, but then, bloody hell… I’m a PhD student, I’ve got better ways to procrastinate.)


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