The one with the fear

EDIT: [Sep 17] The following post has been withdrawn. Or at least, not physically. Not because I am worried about the references made, but simply because I am just not convinced. Usually I post when I feel like, but this was one of those posts that came out of boredom, when I wanted something to post about. I attempted to make a non-blogable event into a blogable event. The end result of which is that I absolutely am not convinced. Basically do not use this post in order to interpret any future posts.

If a resolution could make me do the unthinkable — dance! — I think my next resolution should be to actually go talk to them!

Every morning you plan every step. You plan ever word. You plan for any eventuality. You tell yourself Today will be The Day. And then you enter class. And you find her sitting alone at a row of seats. You make up your mind as to where you have to sit.

She’s sitting on Seat Number 5 in the row. So you move in, and sit on Seat Number 1. But then you find that Seat Number 1 is a lefty’s seat. So you make some noises of frustration — making sure she hears it! — and move over to Seat Number 2.

And then you find that Seat Number 2 is actually broken. You lean back fully — enough times to make sure she has noticed that the chair is broken! — and you make the same frustrated noises — and you move over to Seat Number 3.

So close. You just need that final reason.

And then comes along your friend who occupies Seat Number 2, notices the seat is broken and asks you to move over to Seat Number 4.

At this point, you stare to your right. You stare stupidly. You stare at her. You stare at the seat in between, and at her stuff occupying it. You are unable to say anything. You are unable to do anything. You are just One Seat Away.

Unfortunately, your friend gives up too soon. He resigns to using the broken Seat Number 2.

You can’t concentrate too much in a class when you’ve just found out that you are going to remain single for the rest of your life.


5 Responses to The one with the fear

  1. Preyas says:

    Stop leaving cryptic comments on your own posts. Even Ochod didn’t know what you meant.

  2. arnstein says:


  3. arnstein says:

    alright, cryptic comment deleted. I realized now, that umm.. he can’t guess it too easily.

  4. Lakshmi says:

    whats goin on arn?? why u so desperate suddenly???:)

  5. arnstein says:

    nothing desperate about it :-) Just one of those boring days with nothing better to do..

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