The one with the Crime

More adventures from the US: It’s just been two weeks here, and I’m already an accomplice to a crime.

I was about to get into Penn Bookstore, when this suspicious looking American guy comes to me and tells me this incredible story of how his girlfriend broke up with him, and that she had convinced him to pay for many of her books before she broke up. His girlfriend was apparently a student at UPenn, and he apparently graduated from a University in West Virginia.

Firstly, a few notes on how the Penn Bookstore operates: The Penn Bookstore sells books, but also buys back used books at the end of the semester, for 25% of the price.

Now this guy claimed that he had called up the Penn bookstore, and found out that he needs a Penn ID card for selling used books. And now he would like me to use my PennCard for the purpose. He wanted me to sell his ex-girlfriend’s books for him.

I really can’t believe I fell for it! I mean, at that point: I tried to think of every possible way that he could attempt to cheat me. I couldn’t come up with anything. I had nothing to lose. He also promised me $5 in return, which I, of course, refused. So I sold four thick books for $189. (So those books were worth $756!? Are you friggin kidding me?)

Clearly, I have misused my PennCard. Clearly, that bastard stole the books from somewhere, and wanted to sell it off safely. Now I have used my PennCard to make that sale: My name is attached to the sale of four stolen books. My name is attached to the sale of four stolen books worth $756.


3 Responses to The one with the Crime

  1. dpgodct.od says:

    Bookstore? Why were you about to get into a bookstore?

  2. arnstein says:

    That might be for buying a book. Or atleast checking out its price. But now I think, I’ll send that book’s name back home and get them to mail it to me (they’re already mailing me some 4-5 books), because I’ll be too terrified to enter the bookstore again.

  3. Lakshmi says:

    omg! arn!!! why dont u just take someone smart with u ALWAYS when u step out!!!!

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