The one with the Elevator Girl

Yesterday evening I went for a Salsa session, organized by the university housing services.

The chance to meet girls was too tempting. And I did have resolutions after all. And really, this time, they were going to teach, so I figured that everyone will be equally bad.

Now the way this works, is that they pair you randomly at first. (Yep, you don’t need a partner to enter!) And then the girls keep rotating, you get to dance with almost each of the girls. Heaven?

You introduce yourself to some of them, they introduce themselves to you. We’re both learners: so they make fun of you, you make fun of them. They’re hot, and they’re salsaing! But anyway, this post isn’t so much about the salsa.

I was on the elevator today, going down to the basement. This Chinese girl walks in at the 11th floor, and says a very enthusiastic “Hi!” to me. I thought it was just one of those formalities, so I returned a not-so-very-enthusiastic “Hey.”

“Well.. ummm.. I saw you yesterday at the salsa… ” she says.

“oh.” Did I dance with her? I’m trying to think of something witty to say.

“I danced with you… ?” she continues.

Ok, she did. My mind is now racing. Thinking of what we might have talked about, or whether she had told me her name. I just want to say something to prove that I remember her.

“… twice?” she ended.

Oh. Huh. “Yeah.” We reached floor 1. She got off. I banged the elevator wall till I reached the basement. I could’ve atleast asked her her name this time.

I am really tensed. I mean, I must have danced with a dozen girls.. and well, today is just the evening after. Am I supposed to remember each one of them, for all the possible future Hi!s?

Worse: I know I wont recognize the Elevator Girl when I see her again.


6 Responses to The one with the Elevator Girl

  1. Preyas says:

    If it makes you feel any better I do this all the time. There are only two girls in comp sci first year phd and i’ve even succeeded in confusing the two, though luckily they didn’t realize it.

  2. pratish says:

    A bad day for Arnie the stud?? :) ..and btw, you are such a great fan of FRIENDS..u ought to learn some moves from Joey :P

  3. arpith says:

    Sigh. When will you ever learn :-)
    The name is irrelevant, the phone number isn’t!

  4. Lakshmi says:

    arn… a:) u dont tell me the rest of the story… after ms. cute thing not turnin up…

    b:) u dont answer my call

    c:) u dont bother to RETURN it!!

  5. Rohit Mishra says:

    Ah, how cud u!! Must shud have capitalized on the oportunity. Wonder if LHC will let u have another one

  6. darthpsykoz says:

    i shudnt be laughing yet i am
    i know it’ll hapen to me 2 :(

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