The one which you don’t want to read

Toilet paper has been my biggest complaint of being in the US. :-)

I’m serious. I really don’t understand how toilet paper can even be even close to hygienic. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong… I think the Americans have been guarding the secrets behind the “correct technique” of using toilet paper. This correct technique has been passed on for generations: parents teach their kids during potty training, and those kids teach their kids and so on. Once you’ve grown up, you really don’t want to discuss it with your buddy (Imagine a dinner table conversion: “I crumple up that paper and … ”). Eventually such important information doesn’t reach the immigrant public, who either try making uninformed guesses …

… or use what Walmart calls a measuring can.


5 Responses to The one which you don’t want to read

  1. Preyas says:

    “… or use what Walmart calls a measuring can.”

    LOL. Maybe you should also post something about your shared hi-tech bathroom and the various possibilities that can theoretically ensue.

  2. Anirudh says:

    Poor thing :( they have “howtos” on a hundred million things. Why not on using toilet paper? Michael Moore wrote on how to pee in his “Stupid White Men” book. You should probably check it out for some advice :D may be I missed toilet paper stuff in it.

  3. Preyas says:

    lol @ Anirudh .

    @ Arnie: You might also want to edit this on wikipedia, “The advantages of toilet paper are that it is easy and intuitive to use”

  4. arnstein says:

    I should. Citation Needed.

  5. nadeem says:

    this is quite understandable .
    what i can’t understand at all is why toilets in egypt also had toilet paper!!

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