The one with the Female Fans

They say boredom is the mother of all invention.

So here’s a greasemonkey script to actually calculate your orkut friends’ female and male fans. (@Arpith: you’re the only one I’ve seen so far who has got more female fans than male fans.)

Terms of use: Do what the fuck you want to do with it, except you’re not allowed to use it on my orkut profile. If you’ve accepted the terms of use, here’s the link. Open up the fans page of your friends, and look at the title bar. Let the games begin.

(At the girls out there: really, I am not that desperate. It’s just my business to be useless.)


3 Responses to The one with the Female Fans

  1. dpgodct.od says:

    Since much of the prospective audience already has, or will shift abroad in the next few years, I suggest changing the @include to*/ProfileF.aspx?uid=* (instead of*)

  2. arnstein says:

    done :)

  3. Shreevatsa says:

    You use XPath!

    Also, it’s not a problem here because your script doesn’t use unsafeWindow, but in general using @includes like that is a potential security hazard; it matches*. If you want to match both and .com use two @include lines; always include the domain and TLD in the @include line!

    The WTFPL is basically the same as placing the code in the public domain, although for some reason it claims copyright and places restriction on the text of the licence itself :P

    You can put your script up on; you’ll be surprised by all the jobless people who seem to install every single script :)

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