rediffbol-prpl 0.2.2

Second post of the day.

I finally fixed rediffbol-prpl protocol plugin for pidgin. I have blogged about the earlier versions. About two months ago, Rediff made some weird protocol changes to their already dreadful protocol. I waited for Binu Paul’s update to RTalk, before I made my changes.

I also noticed that due to this delay in updating, downloads have fallen from around 200 a month to Zero. This convinces me, however, that those 200 downloads were genuine and not done by bots. :) Another evidence, is the number of search results that end up with the searcher visiting my blog.

I also noticed how badly written my code is (it’s not that bad.. just badly documented, and inconsistent coding styles, and that kind of crap. Autotools was also set up wrongly.). I have learnt a lot since I coded this. I just don’t have time to fix things up. So that’ll be for 0.2.3 if it ever comes out.

Links: Download, Project Homepage.


6 Responses to rediffbol-prpl 0.2.2

  1. Shreevatsa says:

    When did “blog post” / “post” become “blog”? What is a blog called these days? :)

    Autotools… sigh. It seems unavoidable, given that everything else sucks as well.

  2. arnstein says:

    EDIT: Blog –> post :)

  3. Pabitra kumar says:

    hi..buddy thnx 4 d new plugin..but unfortunately m nt able 2 use it..m using fedora 9..i have downloaded the plugin and installed it successfully.i have also got pidgin running…bt i donn know wht to do next.
    i dont get a option to add a rediff account in pidgin->manage account …can u plz brief me abt the procedure…
    by the way u can also write a step by step procedure on how to use your still nw..thr’s no such guide available for it on d web..thanx in advance…hop 2 get a reply 4m u…plz mail

  4. KMH says:

    I have both Pidgin and this plugin installed. What to next?

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