Three down

I’ve been pretty pathetic at, umm, deprecating email ids and IM ids. Because of Pidgin (and earlier Gaim) I’ve not found the need to move around all my friends from one ID to the other. And hence for around the last four years, I’ve had one hotmail ID, and two yahoo IDs. For around the last three years I’ve had one jabber (because at that time Gtalk was not fully compatible with XMPP networks), and then came one more Gtalk ID (when I eventually decided to shift from rediffmail to Gmail), and one more Gtalk ID (when Orkut decided to integrate itself with Gtalk).

Anyway, it soon gets pretty messy. And my friends start complaining about my multiple identities too. So sometime back I had created a small command line PHP script to extract all my buddies from ~/.purple/blist.xml. I finally got down to using it today, since I happened to learn about the command comm, which has made comparing my buddy-lists easy (diff doesn’t do a good job — it wasn’t made for the purpose).

So for example, to get rid of my friends in arniekarnievarnie_isthatenough, I did the folowing:

~$ cd .purple
~/.purple$ ./listall.php arniekarnievarnie_isthatenough | sort |uniq > arnie_list
~/.purple$ ./listall.php arnstein87 | sort | uniq > arnstein_list
~/.purple$ comm arnie_list arnstein_list | less 

So now I have a list of friends who are in my arniekarnievarnie_isthatenough account, and who are not on arnstein87 account. Neat. I still have to do some manual work, to make sure these guys are not gtalk friends, before going about wasting their time and adding them to my arnstein87 list.

I also did the same to get rid of my account. And to top it up, I take great pleasure in announcing that I have got rid of my MSN account forever.


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