The one where it finally pays off.


Ok, maybe you haven’t understood that.


I’ve got through for Google Summer of Code. Yaay!

For those computer-ignorant folks out there this translates to: I’m getting 4500 USD for the summer.

For the computer-literate folks out there this would read as: I’m getting 4500 USD for the summer. (plus some chance to do some fun coding)

My project is on integrating Liferea with Google Reader. I have mentioned Liferea in a previous post (mentioned? The whole post was about this.) Well, I fell in love with Liferea, but there were a few shortcomings that I wanted to fix, and so I started hacking the codebase, and then comes Google — yes, the very same — telling me “Hey, you do what you enjoy doing the most, and I’ll pay you bigtime.” Not just to me, they tell that to 800 students around the world, working on different open source projects, that might have no connection whatsoever to Google (its just coincidence that mine has Google in the project title).

The Google Reader integration I have in mind is storing the database of the posts you have read, and the list of subscriptions, on the google server. So at home, you can use the convenience of Liferea’s simplicity and powerfulness, and at office — since you’re not allowed to install software — you can use Google Reader. There are some more benefits, including more efficient feed fetching. There are some cons, for example you lose the comment fields in subscriptions.

A link to my soc application. Lars Lindner will be mentoring me.

I’ll also add here that Arpith’s has got through too. Also — since I forgot to mention this earlier in the day — a big Thank You For Everything to Arpith.


5 Responses to The one where it finally pays off.

  1. anshul says:

    Awesomeness! Congrats man! This is cool!

  2. arpith says:

    oh arnie I’ll MISS you!!!!

  3. mkb says:

    Great ! Congrats eppozha chilavu ?

  4. Shreevatsa says:

    Wow, congrats! Good luck!

  5. Congrats, and Good luck! :D

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