The one with the Penance.

How I miss the days when I could write a blog, fully confident in the fact that nobody would ever read it. Or atleast, people who mattered wouldn’t ever read it.

If you don’t believe that I actually like privacy, you could try and locate three diaries that I maintained (replete with all my high-school romances, punishments, friendships, rants… and .. umm.. one poem ;) ) till 2004. I think the stories in that were too personal to be read by family or anybody, they were kept under lock and key throughout my high-school life. (That’s why my parents never understood the extent of what an out-standing student I was.) I never told people about them. (I would have been outlawed at school!)  They remained under lock and key once I left for Chennai. I’m not sure what happened to them after my family moved to Trissur.

Back to the point:

A few posts ago, I believe I hurt the sentiments of certain people.

@Jigar: No. That disgusting music I listen to, and those weird clothes I wear… are not your selections.

@The Chic: No. You’re not a bitch. Even if you are, I shouldn’t have written about it in my blog. Contrary to what I had blogged, you had tried messaging me several times trying to be just a friend, to which I had — as you described it — shown attitude towards you. You should realize that you’re reading the blog of a loser, and what you had thought of as attitude, was actually an attempt to retain my identity. At the end of it, my only regret is that you came across my post.

@The Reader: Sorry for wasting your time. I’m seriously considering starting an anonymous blog parallel to this one.

Back to emacs and gcc.


11 Responses to The one with the Penance.

  1. Vivien says:

    “Behind every successful man there is a woman”
    …let me re-phrase….
    [at the] behind [of] every suck-cess-fool man their lies* a woman !!!
    …* pun intended ofcourse…

    -livelly present..naaah…femme fatal..awaitin vandetta

    p.s..wat else did u expect..frm a sleep deprived fairer sex!

  2. achal says:

    hey….what happened to the chat log!

  3. arnstein says:

    Its there. Or you’re colour blind :D

  4. Jayanth T N says:

    Ha ha, I got to the chat log. Very discreet, Arnie!

  5. DarK says:

    the chat log is missing….
    removed the txt file?

  6. arnstein says:


  7. DarK says:

    i found it.. the file with .txt~ is still accessible

    and why remove :P

  8. arnstein says:

    damn… I hate moderating comments :S

  9. DarK says:

    noooo.. arnie deleting comments

  10. DarK says:

    bah.. cannot find the cached link on google anymore.. but then… joke is over i guess ;)

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