The one with the World Without Pain

One of my earliest attempts at story writing, was when I wrote something about a kid getting up 14 times from his own sleep (dream in a dream in a dream… ). While it might sound like a pretty cool idea, trust me — that was a last ditched attempt of a class less-than-equal-to-four school student trying to earn a few hundred bucks from Tinkle. I don’t know what motivated the story, perhaps real false awakenings?

Lucid dreaming is neither cool, nor uncommon. I’ve had many minor false awakenings in the past (mostly where in the dream my body is still in the bed). Its a very frightening experience — you so badly want to wake up, but you can’t, and even if you do — you don’t know if you’re awake or not. But I’ve never, ever had a lucid dream (which I first learnt from Incorrigible‘s mention of kvasar). Nor a dream where I actually attempt to test whether or not was dreaming.

Let me write this down before I start forgetting.

So first I’m getting up… try as I might I can’t, eventually I find myself back on the bed. I’m struggling. Then I realize what’s happening. So now I allow myself to get up even though I know I’m dreaming. I’m moving about, but my bottom half is still tied to the bed. I can see the door, I can see an outline of Jigar. And I’m trying to shout out loud, in the hope that my body lying down on my bed will be shouting too, and so that the real Jigar can hear me. But all thats coming out is a small cry, very very low. I feel like some mummy’s ghost trying hard to escape from the body.


In excitement I ask Jigar whether he’s heard of lucid dreaming. No, he says, and he doesn’t seem interested. I start telling him about my lucid dream, or more correctly false awakening. He’s now leaning on to a .. vine? … Anup comes in asks about some wikipedia.. no willipedia.. why am I not on willi.. yes willi… I notice that there’s something wrong with the spelling of willi…


Damn, that was weird. I walk out to brush my teeth. Its pretty dark. I’m disappointed that Jigar is not around, so that I could tell him. And now am brushing. Actually no, I am… umm .. staring at my chest in the mirror. I think the ground’s rotating, the CMI building is stationary — its the ground that is rotating. I get excited thinking that I was dreaming again, and punched the wall to see if it hurts. It didn’t. I come to the conclusion that nope, I wasn’t having a dream. The ground was not moving, it was some light at the top of the building that was rotating, and giving the feeling as though the ground was moving.

I’m back in front of the mirror. Somebody enters and is behind me. Female. Somebody else comes and locks the toilet door. I shout What the hell?.. and try to (very coolly) open the door…



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