The one with the chatroom logs

Ever written a script to automatically message everybody in a chat room? Ah, well, I did that on a rediffmail account. (There’s more to this story. There’s a chic. There’s money. I’ll post about that later ;) ). Anyway, I’m actually surprised that there are real people out there. Real desperate people. I got a dozen “asl?” messages back. I decided to have some fun: (for clarification, although my id is shown as arnstein here, I was using some near random text as a nickname…) hi no hi from me asl pls umm.. I'm a guy, and I'm gay. so you gay too? no so bye

And… hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you're evidently jobless i am a student ah, well, then asl? what r u doing at this time sorry to hurt your feelings, but now fuck off... what r u saying you a guy or girl? boy that's why fuck off, lets continue preying on our unsuspecting female friends instead of wasting time with each other


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