Last night, I got too drunk at a New Year’s party. Too drunk. To the state that I lost consciousness.

Drinking is so weird. There’s no fun in drinking “for the taste,” I hate the taste. And there’s no way to decide how much is “enough”, to get you into that nice enjoyable drunkenness state, and yet not start losing sense of the world.

Yesterday, I started off with a little. Nice and slow, nice and slow. Then there’s this pretty girl who’s asking for a dance. I am trying to tell myself “Go! Go! Go!”, yet I hate having to dance in front of other people. My already intoxicated mind tells me, another neat shot of that scotch and I’ll have lost my senses enough to not care about the onlookers, another neat shot, and I’ll be dancing!

The neat scotch really hit me.

Next thing I remember… ok.. there’s no next thing I remember. Last thing I remember is her leaning onto me and telling me something… something… uh… ok I can’t make out what she’s saying. I think I fell unconscious then.

At the end of the party, I was woken up by the Hrushi and Preyas, and I tried to walk with their support, and then fell down. From then on, I again don’t remember anything. Nothing. Not even a blur. Apparently I threw up in the taxi (This was the first time that I have puked after drinking). Its 5PM the next day, and I still have a hangover.

I’ve been reading up on wikipedia, and apparently my state yesterday does seem to indicate a really high BAC.

That’s it. Its the last time I’m drinking non-beer (I don’t like beer that much, yet I reserve beer for social drinking.) [New Year Resolution no. 1]

And never say no to a pretty girl who wants a dance. [New Year Resolution no. 2]


3 Responses to Resolutions

  1. Jayanth T N says:

    Am surprised there are no comments, but, am sure there are a lot of people who have read this post and almost as many who have talked to you about it. Hard luck man. And, as Vineeth would say, “Sucker man!”

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