Greasemonkey rocks!

… and I’m not a guy who uses readymade scripts :D

I wanted to mod spoj, and RP had told me about greasemonkey earlier.

So I’ve spent half a day, coding a greasemonkey script (Download here), that, when you view somebody’s status page on spoj, marks the problems you have already solved with an asterix. Will probably save me time in the future, in deciding what problem to try out :D

I’ve added a screenshot of aboyner’s status page… the greyed out ones are the ones that I have solved…

Do send me fan mail if you like it :P

Screenshot of my greasemonkey script at workCheers!

One Response to Greasemonkey rocks!

  1. S says:

    Stop chasing me; I’ve decided the game is passe and am out of the race already ;)

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