December News.

Life at Microsoft Research is pretty cool, perhaps I should have mentioned it earlier in a post. We’ve got accomodation right opposite MSR, with a friendly neighbourhood wireless connection (over which I’m writing this) — more on the wireless in another post.

I finally _did_ go to FSTTCS, and I must say, Indigo is an awesome airlines. We took off and landed dot on time (See.. this is New Delhi, and this is December!). FSTTCS was an interesting experience, was the first time I attended a major conference. I missed the banquet dinner though — had gone to my cousin’s place in Noida place — and so missed a lot of free booze. I also didn’t get to see much of the capital, and couldn’t even ride in the much-talked-of Delhi Metro :( (I did enter a metro station, but because of the recent bomb blasts, there was strict security and I had luggage with me, so it would have been painful.) But Delhi is a nice city in terms of cleanliness and orderliness, and infrastructure (e.g. DND flyway which connects Delhi and Noida).

I’d actually like to mention something that actually makes this trip bloggable. On 14th evening, I had to take an auto from IIT Delhi to New Delhi Railway Station. As I got into this auto, this autowalla seemed to be very friendly, and I decided that if I did blog about my trip I should mention how friendly Delhi autowallas are. But then, in the course of conversation, he decides to tell this:

So it happens that two angrez and two angrezans (two foreigner guys, and two foreigner girls), decide to take a trip on his auto. Now four of them can’t sit at the back, so one of the females sits next to him on the driver seat. Apparently, it was summer time, so, well, the girl was wearing a short skirt (At this point, having nothing better to say, I praise him on his luck… Arre waah!). Now the autowalla asks her, “Madam, do you want to drive?” and she says yes… so he puts the auto on fourth gear and gives it to her.
Now he relaxes, and puts his hand on her thighs. She does not say anything. He starts rubbing her thighs (“ragad raha tha“), and she doesn’t say anything. Finally, they got down some 200m from where they wanted to get down, and one of the guys pays the autowalla, while the female starts walking away. As the autowalla describes it, while the guy was paying him, he was continuously staring that the girl’s back. And the guy didn’t “dare” to say anything.

So much for friendly autowallahs.


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