FSTTCS, Indigo, and my sleep…

Ok, I’ve got an exam tomorrow (today) morning… but this thing has been bugging me so much (plus some caffeine running through my veins) that I can’t get any sleep. I thought the best way to get it off my mind (and get something to do through my sleepless night) would be to blog it up.

So here’s the deal. I wanted to go to FSTTCS 2007, a nice conference for geeky computer scientists. Because of a worry that the price of a flight ticket to New Delhi might increase too drastically, I ended up booking a ticket on Indigo (this was a few weeks back). I also paid up 600 bucks to get myself registered for FSTTCS.

Well, right now am not that interested in attending. Why? 1. I’m spending a week away from the comforts of Bangalore (especially at a time when MSR might be empty => no work!). They might deduct these days from my “payslip”. 2. I’ll have to arrange warm clothes for myself (esp. on the return journey, which is by a normal sleeper). 3. I’m not even sure whether I am going to get accomodation at Delhi! 4. I don’t know if I’m going to get even my sleeper fare refunded by IARCS (because I registered late). 5. I won’t get much time to roam about Delhi (if I am serious about attending FSTTCS talks that is :) ) 6. I won’t get time to practice for ACM ICPC regionals. 7. Almost immediately after returning from FSTTCS, I’ll have to go to Kollam Kerala for ACM ICPC, and then home for christmas. Too much traveling. 8. Do I need more reasons?

Unfortunately these blood sucking bastards of an Indigo Airlines don’t refund tickets.

Here’s my suggestion to less experienced air travellers like myself out there: Don’t book tickets from airline’s sites. Rather book from agency sites like http://www.makemytrip.com. While they charge you a bit more (around Rs. 250), they also allow for cancellations.

So my current plan (whose uncertainty is keeping me awake) is that I depend on Delhi’s cold wave and the like, and depend on the great punctuality of winter flights to Delhi, and depend on Indigo’s flight being delayed by more than 3 hours, and depend on a certain clause in the terms and conditions that allow for a refund if my flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, and then enjoy a quiet and peaceful week at MSR.

And what if one my dependencies fail? Well, I’ll enjoy a nice and unwanted tourist visit to Delhi.

Good night.

2 Responses to FSTTCS, Indigo, and my sleep…

  1. […] I finally _did_ go to FSTTCS, and I must say, Indigo is an awesome airlines. We took off and landed dot on time (See.. this is New Delhi, and this is December!). FSTTCS was an interesting experience, was the first time I attended a major conference. I missed the banquet dinner though — had gone to my cousin’s place in Noida place — and so missed a lot of free booze. I also didn’t get to see much of the capital, and couldn’t even ride in the much-talked-of Delhi Metro (I did enter a metro station, but because of the recent bomb blasts, there was strict security and I had luggage with me, so it would have been painful.) But Delhi is a nice city in terms of cleanliness and orderliness, and infrastructure (e.g. DND flyway which connects Delhi and Noida). […]

  2. Antztein says:

    Were you talking about FSTTCS’07?
    I guess FSTTCS’08 is yet to happen!
    I am glad you had a nice time at FST.
    I have been to 3 of them myself and miss attending them now :(

    And hey, I don’t like FST being described as ‘a nice conference for geeky computer scientists’. Come on its much more than that!

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