Sai Kripa Apartments

Ok, so thats that. Pune’s over. I’ll probably never going to go there again.

In two and a half months, I’ve made many friends, seen new places, experienced a lot. Leave alone TRDDC :)

So here’s the story of Sai Kripa apartments, our great Paying Guest accomodation, lovingly called PG by its inmates. (Lovingly….?? yeah right:) )

Location: Meetha Nagar, Kondwa Khurd (for heaven’s sake don’t take a bus that says Kondhwa Gate :), especially not on the midnight before you leave pune, else you might end up taking a lift from drunken-drivers who play music at ear-drum breaking )

Landlord: Mehtani (avoid him as much as you can). While he does do a pretty good job of maintenance of the building … he’s a miser and money lover. He tries his best to squeeze out every paisa from the PGites. (He charged Nikhil 750 bucks for repairs for his door lock… which apparently broke three times in a period of less than one month.. couldn’t blame Nikhil, could you?)


One of the oldest (as in living for the longest time) would be Alias (uh.. I still don’t know how his name is spelt :) ). He’s from Ethiopia, and has just finished his MA from a local Pune college. I spent two days in his room as Mehtani juggled me across rooms in a bid to maximise his profits. He’s spent over 5 years in Sai Kripa.

That’s Ajay,
thats not his
graduation suit :)

Ajay’s just finished his BA, but he’s been earning at a call center for quite some time now. Great guy, he’s from ahmedabad. He left the PG a few days before us, apparently Pune climate was not good for his health. He’s now working at a call-center at Ahmedabad.

Anurag and Sumit
Anurag and Sumit

Ladoo (some people called him Sumit), made sure his presence was felt, especially when it comes to the sofa in front of the TV :). You can guess why he’s called Ladoo (actually no… that was Umaaga who decided to name him that). He works as an HR at HSBC. Anyway, he’s enough to lighten up Babu Moshai’s dinners…

Then there’s Anish and Abhimanyu, our roommates. Both work at IBM, Abhimanyu will soon be moving to Kolkata (so one more down). Anish is a big-time music-buff.

Others are Ravi (who’s moving to Netherlands I think, anyway he’s left the PG already), Deb, Sunil, Nuthan, the girls (women?) Meera and Archana, …

There was Umaaga (probably not known as Anusree), the girl who stayed for sometime at the PG, who had a fiancee, a boyfriend, and a male-friend who slept on her bed at the PG (Ok, we later decided the boyfriend and the fiancee were probably the same). Her name comes from a WWE actor who has a butt as big as hers!

Then of course, there was Anurag and Rahul (have mentioned in earlier posts, so skipping them here:) ), and there was Paneer-bhurji (a.k.a. Nikhil).

And then…
There was Don.

Don’s a old guy. With all due respect, he’s an asshole. He messed up the apartment (imagine shitting on the floor), and used to make hypocritical demands for the TV remote. After arguing with somebody for the remote, and after the poor guy with the remote shouts out telling him to get lost, he says: My driving license is as old as your age. Mehtani made the right decision by asking him to vacate. As of now, Sai Kripa is free of the Don.

Babu Moshai

Babu Moshai
Babu Moshai

When we first came, and were in desperate need for affordable dinner options, we found Babu Moshai. While Anurag claimed that Babu Moshai existed 5 years ago, and that his senior used to come there, all evidence points to the fact that Babu Moshai had only just opened. The over enthusiastic owner tried his best to please us, charging just 600 bucks for the month, with non-veg once a week, and chinese once more. Plus curds, deserts, great tasting food.

As time passed, Babu Moshai changed. He charged 700 bucks, no more deserts, papads, fruits. And the regular mess food became tasteless. We still tried our best to loot him, by eating a lot, and asking for non-veg and chinese too often. The day before I left (by then many of his customers from Sai kripa had left Pune), Sumit (who still hasn’t left) goes and tells him to cancel his mess, explicitly saying that their food is third class, and overpriced.


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