News from Pune

Its been two months (minus a week in Bangalore) that I’ve been here, and a long time since I’ve posted.

I think in my last post, I mentioned the fact that I’m working in a bioinformatics field – well I tried getting that changed, but I eventually ended up back in the same project. There’s now two weeks left to my internship (and I haven’t got a single paisa from TRDDC yet!), few days back we did make some progress (results awaited… so may not even be progress!). Most of the interns have already left.

So how have I spent my time here? Well, before the IOI camp there was quite some work to be done now and then with regards to the Precamp training site. After returning from Bangalore, I’ve been mainly doing Spoj and chatting (Meebo works great after using Corkscrew to tunnel my connections through CMI… Thanks to Prakash for setting this up :) ). I‘m finally tied with Hrushikesh on the spoj ranklist :)

Its interesting though that I come back from work, and do the same at the hostel using GPRS (Airtel now has this brilliant GPRS for 7 days for 75 rupees thing), apart from watching the usual low budget evening films, and WWE (god, these guys at the hostel are crazy behind it).

Few days back I came to know about the GRE procedures… well, I have to say I was convinced enough that its best if I go abroad for higher education – then Jigar comes along (on IM) and tells me that the entire procedure’s gonna take 60K bucks… that was a sudden shock for my Mom when I told her (who was expecting I would not be writing GRE anyway :) ). Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. God know what am gonna do if I don’t get a good admission somewhere :D

About the week in Bangalore: that was a refreshing break, though probably had more work to do :P . Unfortunately, the food was not as good as it has been these last few years :( . Raziman (a guy from Calicut, btw), Venkatesh, Arindam and Srivatsan (a guy from 10th grade) are the 2007 team. Photos are here, courtesy Prateek and Kshitij.


One Response to News from Pune

  1. arpit says:

    i have been googling.. arnd to get the mailID where i can submit my CV for internship at TRDDC but with no results.. TRDDC site is outdated one.. so pls tell how u applied for internship


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