My new k750i

With myself assuming that I’m gonna get 14k out of working at TRDDC, before coming here, I bought myself a brand new Sony-Ericsson K750i. There were other reasons too – for example, I felt I really needed GPRS and a camera in Pune. My original plan was to take Dad’s k510i, however elder bro had already taken it to Delhi by then (Ok, so he’s doing a summer internship at DLF).

Anyway, so I’m no longer using my old crappy T290i.

The K750i is a great for its price (probably I used a similar phrase when I talked about my Dad’s k510i). At 8.9K its got a lot of functionality. Its a kinda old model – around two years old. But most reviews call it the “old-is-gold”. On Techtree, most of the about 10K phones are compared with the k750i (and its Big B k790i) – it was almost as if SE had bribed Techtree to do that! It might not be a phone to boast about in a blog – but hell, I’ve been using a T290i for the last two years – I’ve got the right to party!

So basic features? Class 10 GPRS, 2 MP camera with autofocus, nice interface, FM radio, bluetooth.

Probably the major difference between the 510 and 750 is the 2MP camera with autofocus – also the camera lens has got a cover!

For about the same price I could’ve got other 2MP camera phones with even EDGE. Well, but most reviews talked about the bad camera quality – no other phone in the range has autofocus, so I decided to fallback to the k750i.

While it took some time to get the hang of the joystick, I soon realized how it can make my mobile usage more efficient and fast.

Among the cons that I’ve noticed is the very bad sound quality – even while talking on the phone. And playing MP3s on the speaker phone is certainly not a good idea :) Well, but thats what the W series is for.

Its awesome to have GPRS and Java. The last few days in Pune, I’ve been taking 24hrs GPRS for 20 INR. The connection is terribly slow – lot slower than what Rajesh (a friend of mine) used to get at IISc during the KVPY camp. I’ve not been able to use the GPRS with my laptop – some settings problem – but during the restricted net access times at TRDDC I can ssh with MindSSH on my phone! (MindSSH is a java based ssh client)


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