She will be loved

A few days back, while I was doing nothing useful, a nice tune gets into my head. It keeps playing in there — I’ve heard it before, few times, but can’t make out the wordings. Ah, must be something on my playlist, let me play it…

Unfortunately with 7 GB of songs that I don’t listen to, my playlist is a big bad place. I decide to use Amarok’s random playlist feature – I kept playing random songs, moving back and forth in the song to find out the particular tune.

I end up hearing the crappiest of heavy metals, hard rock, and low-budget bollywood… Once in a while, the songs that I’ve always loved start playing, but this time I just couldn’t stand it… where was that tune?

To make searching easier I deleted 4 GB of the crap that I don’t listen to. That had been on my TODO list for months.

But still no sign of my song.

At this time, am getting frustrated, desperate – I really want to hear that song. I searched through my elder bro’s collection, on my destop. Its sad you can’t search on a tune on Google.

It took me two days to recollect few of the words at the right places – falling rain, will be loved… Ok then “google will be loved falling rain lyrics”… Bingo! I got it. (Actually it turned out to be pouring rain, but Yaay!) Finally, after knowing the songs name, I was able to find it on sl5 in the Siruseri Lab :)

So then, the song is Maroon 5 – She will be loved. As it turns out, I’ve been enjoying that song little too much in the last few days, I just can’t stop listening to it (I have to admit though that the lyrics isn’t very meaningful). And my younger bro’s threatening me that I better stop humming that tune :P

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