Home Sweet Siruseri

For a few days now I’ve been in the new CMI hostel at Siruseri. Although all our complaints about being far away from the city and all still hold, it appears life isn’t going to be so bad after all.

The Caterers

We have quite good quality food, although in taste I can’t say that its remarkable (but then thats just because of less choices within a single meal). Loads better than Essentials. And UNLIMITED. Great coffee – Nescafe. Breakfasts are particularly good.

The hostel

The contractors seem to have learnt a lot from the construction of the CMI academic block. Although beautifully designed, its a well-known secret that there have been lots of compromises in building quality in there. We have seen the effect of that during the rains.

But our new hostel is fantastic. We’ve been given nice cupboards and tables (oh, some complain about the absense of draws).Nice beds. French windows that give nobody privacy (we’ve been told we’ll be given curtain rods in due course of time). It borrows the red and yellow theme of the main building – the lighting looks fantastic at night.

I’m right now sharing the room with Jigar – thats the plan, Jigar will be arriving on 8th or 9th.

Connectivity with the city

One nice thing about living in T. Nagar near Pondy bazaar, would have been the fact that I could get anything I needed with two minutes of walking. Here the nearest decently big stationary store must be kilometers away, and I am yet to get the cycle. However this turns out not to be too big an issue, since I anyway have classes at Matscience twice or thrice a week, and can get most of the stuff I need from Adyar then. And there are many vehicles shuttling between CMI and matscience.

Connectivity (Internet!)

Ok, so as of now I am using a weak wireless signal from the main building. We’ve been told that wireless routers will be put up in a months time. There’s no ethernet connections in the rooms.


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