Nurse(s?) are hot! (Part 2)

I had to go back to the hospital today…

Remember I told you how I thought the nurses there were hot? Well, in particular I had one nurse in mind – though most of them are quite pretty (I’m giving up on “hot”. It makes me look like a pervert). And then I asked you to guess what I’m thinking?

Well I was thinking that maybe those nurses were, in fact, nursing students.

It turns out I was right.
Today the nurse in question comes in spends some half an hour with grandma… told us that grandma is her patient – as in, she was in charge of her. And so wanted to know her entire medical history and stuff like that.

She has this b-e-a-youtiful smile. So neatly dressed. I kept wondering whether it would be ethical to stare at her for sometime.

Anyway, during the course of the conversation when grandma asked her something about the treatment, she said she was not too aware of it because she was a nursing student and they are not told that much.

God, I love you.

There were things that stopped me from flirting.

Grandma ill.

I – a little tensed. The thought that I need to speak without breaking in Malayalam included.

And you know how these movies give you the impression – that might be true – that girls like sensitive guys. Probably more true in the case when the girl’s a nurse. Trained to be sensitive. It turned out I couldn’t play the sensitive-guy card…

She kept asking me the questions when Grandma couldn’t answer. I kept nodding my head – No, I have no idea, I would say in my depressing Malayalam (more on that later). I haven’t being staying with Grandma, and haven’t been told of all her medical conditions – how am I supposed to know? At least she didn’t show any sign of disgust. But I’m no longer Mr. Sweet Helpful Grandson who doesn’t mind spending his morning with Grandma.

I’m also probably considered Ameer baap ka bigda hua beta.
Why? Well I took my laptop there yesterday – I did need to spend my time. And many of them would ask me what I’m doing. In Chennai, pseudo-strangers would ask me where I work even if I don’t have my laptop with me – its not too often someone asks me where I study. I like it that way. Here however the nursemaar asked me (today) പടികുകയാനോ? Studying? അദെ. Yes. I awaited the worst. It came. What am I studying? BSc. Mathematics and Computer Science. Oh, that didn’t exactly sound quite glamorous for someone touch-typing on a laptop. Ameer baap ka bigda hua beta.Rich Dad’s Spoilt Son. Failed in engineering – took up BSc. Playing games probably. Show off.

In other stories, when the doctor came on his rounds he made an astounding discover about me: ഇയാള്ടെ മലയാളം ശരി അലളോ. This guys Malayalam is not right.


One Response to Nurse(s?) are hot! (Part 2)

  1. Incorrigible Introvert says:

    Hard luck Dude!

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