Java, GPRS modem, and other stories…

I’ve been doing Java programming for a day or two now, and I’ve made a few successful submissions on Spoj. Personally, I feel Java sucks – but at least the Java libs provide a BigInteger for contest code ;)

In other stories, I’ve successfully been able to detect my dad’s K510i as a GPRS modem via bluetooth with the help of this article. Although not on wvdial, KPPP is now able query the modem. I’m not able to dial (yes, I don’t have an a subscription yet… but I can try to dial). It gets stuck at Initializing Modem.... The log remains empty, so it hasn’t sent any of the commands yet. Bluetooth is definitely being used since the kbluetoothd icon lights up.

I intend to try it out tomorrow, as I’m going to need GPRS internet as I’ll be out of the house. Airtel, at least in Chennai, has this 24hrs for Rs. 20 thing thats gonna be so useful. Don’t know about Kochi – I’ll call up Airtel Service after some time. I’ll update this post with more information later.

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