Improving my Laptop’s wireless speed

Wow! I’ve just discovered I can increase my wireless speed by actually decreasing it!

See its like this (or so I think): when the speed is set high, there seems to be lotsa collisions and packet loss, so eventually I get a low speed.

When my connect to my local wireless network (a BSNL provided Quidway WA1003A), the default bitrate chosen is 24 Mbps. But when transferring files to my desktop connected to the ethernet I get like 30-80 kBps. When I reduce the speed using
sudo iwconfig eth0 bitrate 6M auto
(i.e. 6 Mbps) I get around 500 kBps. The auto is to allow Ubuntu/ipw2200 to automatically chose the lower speeds if better (Hah! it doesn’t do that too well though).

There have however been times when without all this effort I’ve got 1-2 MBps. Would be glad if someone told me what I should do, googling hasn’t been too much of a savior.

(Btw, since 1001 hrs today I’ve been shifted to the Home500 plan. Yaay!)


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