Dad’s K510i

Cool so finally we (nope, actually Dad) got a digicam… at least in the guise of the Sony-Erricson K510i. I and my bro went about buying that today evening, and it seemed to the best thing that fitted our budget and the only thing that fitted our (and my) stringent requirements:

  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • GPRS

And our original budget was 5K to max 5.5K. I said no to K310 because of lack of bluetooth, and Roshn wanted 1.3 Megapixel camera instead of the VGA. Finally I decided to chuck out some of my own money to get the 510 at 6.2K.

The camera’s great, and file transfers work out of the box using the provided data cable in ubuntu. I had some trouble with bluetooth, I don’t why – I’ve done file transfers before. Anyway, I finally got it to work after installing some bluetooth related packages and rebooting (Yeah that rebooting is important).

I still haven’t tried using it as a GPRS modem, that’d be interesting to try out.

(As of today, the pic in my profile is taken with the K510 by big bro)


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