Arnie comes to BlogSpot!

Hi guys.. and all the gals:)

Here’s my first post, and I wanna start by asking myself, and answering you people the question: Why BlogSpot?

K, so I first thought of putting up my own blog on my homepage. We all know that has disadvantages. 1. I get minimal search capabilities.. people can’t find me. 2. I’ve got to modify HTML code manually, not that I don’t like HTML (in fact I like it), but I use CVS and all that to keep track of my pages, and then every small post will be a hectic procedure. 3. I could keep a web interface for updating stuff, but then I have to have some world-writable files, which can be a security risk.

Therefore BlogSpot.

Another certain little information for those who intend to read my blogs: I have a double identity – one in the real world, and one in the e-world. While my e-Avatar has information of what I do in the real world, the real me doesn’t have any clue what my e-Avatar does.

In a nutshell, nothing in these blogs are to be discussed with me, or with others outside the scope of the internet.

The idea, is that I want to be freer in expressing myself on the blog, which may not be possible if I try to take everybody’s feelings and all that of the real world into account.

Backups are for wimps. Real men upload their data to an FTP site and have everyone else mirror it.—Linus Torvalds

Bye and tc,


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